How much should you pay?

You’re thinking of hiring a DJ – great! On the other hand, you’re just not sure how much to pay. Hiring a DJ in Melbourne will cost you anywhere from $250 – $2500. However, it’s important to understand why this price differs so much. 

Generally speaking, hiring a DJ for a birthday party will be your cheapest option with corporate DJs starting to become more expensive. On the other hand, a wedding DJ will typically be your most expensive DJ.

A cheap DJ will cost you about $250. These DJs are inexperienced, have inadequate equipment are usually just starting out. An average price for a DJ is around the $400 – $600 mark with prices differing depending on the equipment you require.  A wedding will be your most expensive option and can cost up to $2500.



Our experienced DJ can read the crowd, master the mixing of tracks and have excellent music selection, catering for all the guests. 

Sound equipment

Our DJs bring industry standard speakers which produce crisp and clear sound. They won’t distort and will be loud enough so everyone can hear them.


Lighting is an extremely important aspect of the night. We have a range of lighting to create the perfect atmosphere that you’re looking for.


We will arrive early to allow enough time to set up and test all the equipment prior to the event starting. We also bring back up equipment… just in case!