2x Mackie SRM550 12″ Speaker

From: $90.00

The Mackie SRM550 Sound System feature a pair of 12″ Active Loudspeakers, perfectly suited to smaller applications such as mobile performers (DJ & Bands), function rooms, and small to medium sized venues. Given it’s size and shape, they are also ideal for foldback systems for bands/DJs.

This system is great if you need a slightly smaller speaker than our 15″ option but don’t want to sacrifice quality. As they are active and slightly smaller, they ensure for a quick setup. If you’re looking for a slightly louder speaker for birthday parties, etc, check out our Mackie SRM650.

Want to connect your phone/laptop/iPad and DJ your own party? No worries – click here to add a mixer to your package for only $20!

  • 2 x Mackie SRM550 Powered Speaker
  • 2 x Speaker stand
  • 2x Power Cable (5m)
  • 2x XLR/RCA/1/4″ Cable